This page shows all the pictures of flowers which also appear on the pages for individual days in sequence with the other pictures of the trail. Those we can identify from "Guia de flora y fauna - Valle Sagrado, Camino Inca, Macchupicchu" are labelled, together with the page number in that book which will give you more details. If you can identify any of the othersplease send an Email with the image number given at the foot of the picture.

Flowers of the Inca Trail

Tecoma Sambucifolia (p46) Shrub 3m. Wood is used for handicrafts and musical instruments called pinkuillu

Tillandsia Fendleri (p49)

Prickly pear showing the white products of the cochineal parasite - when squeezed, these turn a vivid red


232 - vetch??

Justica alpina (p9) Small herbs with showy flowers and greenish fruits. Blossom in the rainy season

Alstensteinia fimbriata (p97) 60 cm. Found in the Sanctuary bettween 2600 and 3400 m.


Blue salvia

Barnadesia Macbridae (p22) Shrub 2m. tall with spines. Grow in the riverine forests near streams. Blossom March to June

Abutilon Sylvaticum (p83) Shrub with fronds up to 2m. Grows between 2400 and 2500 m.

Barnardesia macbridae (p22) Grows in riverine forests

Solanum Aloysiifolium (p129) Herb 1m. tall. Violet flowers with yellow stamens. Wild Potato. Blossoms April to June


Ageratina sternbergiana (p33) 80cm.

Halenia Umbellata (p71) shown with lupins. Annual herb similar to the rice plant. Blossoms at the start of the rainy season

Puya Densiflora (p47) 1.5m tall, grows on dry and rocky slopes

Tree fern

Calceolaria Turcata (p117) 2m. tall, yellow flowers blooms inthe rainy season with asters ? Perezia Pungens (p27) white flowers, 40 cm. tall, blooms rainy seaon to May

Fuchsia ?austromontana (p92) 80cm. Found in cloud forest





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