Day 2 - Huaylabamba to Pacamayo
Up again before dawn for the toughest day of the trail (1,100m of ascent to the grimly-named Dead Widow's Pass before lunch and 16 km for the day). However, do not be undully deterred - the surface of the trail is mainly excellent, so it is mainly just a question of adjusting your pace to something you can keep up. I found that it was much better to keep going slowly and steadily rather than going quicker, getting puffed, and having to rest. The three members of our small group were aged 27, 57 and 67; we did the ascent in 3½. 4¼, and 5 hours respectively. We were encouraged to learn from Teddy, our efficient and knowledgeable guide, that he had had one customer who took 9 hours for the same distance! Weall used lightweight aluminium sticks, one for the youngest and two for the others. I found the sticks extremely helpful both as an additional source of power when going uphill, and as a precaution against slippling when going downhill (with a consequent increase in speed).

Our porters had pitched the lunch tent just over the pass, and we had an excellent lunch prepared by our friendly cook Nancy. Then there was a further hour of fairly steep descent to our camp site at Pacamayo. .

NB: Many of the flowers are identified on the flowers page. Your help in identifying the others would be appreciated

Ageratina sternbergiana

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