Design Super Sundials are true scientific instruments designed by Piers Nicholson in 2001. The design is contemporary and incorporates a split gnomon, which gives you a "line of light" at every noontime,
Engineering Each Super Sundial is engineered to fine toleances. For example, the gnomon (which casts the shadow) is set to your exact latitude to the nearest one-hundredth of a degree
Durability Every Super Sundial is made from marine-grade 10 mm. stainless steel. So they are very robust, and will resist damage from vandals, from accidnets, or from the weather.
Setupability The "line of light" at solar noon enables you to set the sundial absolutely accurately to true North.
Accuracy We make it easy for you to set up your Supper Sundial completely accurately by giving you full instructions, so that it will tell exactly the right time throughout the years. When set up properly your Super Sundial will tell the time to within a minute or two withhout any further setting.

Businesses use our sundials to mark important events

A retring present from 6 staff members to the founder (Vermont, USA)

A research institute, in memory of 3 colleagues (Glasgow, Scotland)

10th anniversdary of opening a European office (Ireland)

Opening of a new office (Russia)

Commemorating a founder of a world charity (Switzzerland)         ........and more

Public authorities have specified our sundials all over the world

A visitor area for a major charity (England)

The entrance to a pubolic library (Texas, USA)

The National Arboretum (England)

Opening of a marina (US Virgin Islands)

A cemeterey garden (Scotland)

A Millennium village green (Yorkshire, England)

20 years of a charity (Finland)       A memorial at a golf club (Suffolk, England)

A school, presented by a leaving class (Suusex, England)           .... and more

Private individuals find they make ideal commemorations

A big birthday (Oxford, England and many others)
My brilliant wife and fantastic mum (Surrey, England)

A deceased family member (Surrey, England)
My soulmate and partner for life (Marriage anniversary, Hampshire, England)
An anniversary with a poem by William Blake (Powys, Wales)
A birthday, with signatures of 10 children and grandchildren (Essex, England)
An anniversary (Perthshire, Scotland)
A family celebration with 5 names (Norfolk, England)
To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides (Cheshire, England)
A family birthday (Kent, England)
Another family birthday (Sussex, England)
A 60th brithday (Worcester, England)
A 100th birthday gift to an old people's home (Oxford, England)
A 60th birthday present from 4 family members (Devon, England)
For two sisters whose ashes were added to their parents grave (London, England)
Our time togethere is my favourite time (Ontario, Canada)